Chicken Plates

Most Served with Rice and Beans.


Spicy/Hot Plate

Healthy Plate

Chef Suggestion


Monterrey Chicken

Chicken breast topped with green sauce, bell pepper, mushroom, and melted cheese, served with rice and beans.

Chely's Chicken Plate

Charbroiled chicken breast, glazed with a sweet honey chipotle sauce topped with pineapple & served with a baked potato & house salad.
$13.99 (no rice and beans)

Pechuga en Mole

A combination of over 20 different ingredients, including roasted chillies & chocolate, poured over a chicken breast. Served with rice beans & pico de gallo.

Pollito con Papas

Butterflied grilled chicken, fried potatoes, grilled onions, guacamole, pico de gallo, rice and beans. $13.99

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